Mass City or Organization Evacuation  

The topic of the research paper is  Mass City or Organization Evacuation

The week 7 research paper should be 10 pages (max) in length double spaced including the title page and the reference page. It should be the culmination of research from weeks 2 and 4, plus additional research. Please summarize The meat/outline of the paper should consist of the following:

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Mass City or Organization Evacuation  
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  • An Abstract (separate page)
  • An Introduction with problem statement
  • A summary of the literature presented in your article reviews with sampling comments
  • An analysis of research methodologies found (including surveys instruments or models from research)
  • A thorough analysis and evaluation of the problem (from research topic)
  • Recommended research design/solution (which can be people, process, hardware, data or software based
  • Conclusion and Future research considerations

Please remember to provide within paragraph and end of paragraph cites for documentation. Follow APA 7th Edition guidelines. Also where necessary, visit GROWS to get assistance with proper format and grammar.  Consider uploading your paper to to get immediate feedback on grammatical issues, spelling errors and sentence structure prior to submitting the final paper for grading.

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