Marketing Summary Target Markets

  • Males aged 20-40 (igen, gen x, some millennials)
    • Gen x highest awareness
    • Millennials most likely to actually play the games
  • Video game players likely to be interested in TTRPGS
    • Large Market
  • Target Countries America and China
    • Focus on tapping into American market, as not hugely done, as well as foreign countries with translations

Positioning Statement

Product/Service Strategy

  • New Campaign for referral Program (roughly costing 2800)
  • Chinese and Japanese translations of the Product

Price Strategy

  • Pricing is perfect as is
    • Two Reasons are inline with competitors pricing for both beginner games (starter set) and expansions/base
    • Also at the price point that consumers desire

Place Strategy

  • Online focus
    • Move away from hobby shops
      • Dont try to get into barnes and noble
    • Focus on their own online shop and roll 20
      • A bit of focus on amazon but due to mass amount of products on amazon will not prove too fruitful

Promotional Strategies

  1. Market to china through a translator as found by Stephen
  2. Referral Program( 1st referral = 10% off coupon, second = 20%, 3rd = new campaign (cost to develop campaign $2800))
  3. New Game Tie in program (Early adopters to their new game will get either the city of mist starter pack for free or the referral campaign)
  4. Social media campaigns
    1. Pay youtubers to promote new game b4 it comes out (less focus on COM
    2. Create a city of mist reddit

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