Hall, D., Jones, R., Raffo, C. & Anderton, A., (2008) Business Studies. 4th ed. Edinburgh Gate, Harlow, Essex: Pearson.

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Scenario and tasks:

You have been appointed as the new marketing executive for [named organisation/an organisation of your choice. You are not allowed to choose any mobile phone company. The first objective you have been set is to research the competition and produce a marketing plan based on your findings, to drive forward the marketing objectives for the organisation. This assignment has two parts:


Part One: Produce a marketing plan to meet marketing goals and objectives. The marketing plan should include all elements of the 7Ps marketing mix, with a tactical action plan and measures for monitoring and evaluating progress and meeting of goals and objectives.

Part Two: Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

This part needs to cover the importance of customer relationship management in your organisation’s marketing of products or services. Use one or more examples drawn from your organisation to discuss the principles of CRM. You are also needed to discuss how CRM fits in with long term goals and the ongoing nature of customer relationships.

Guidance on what is required

The paper must include

  • The paper should be written in an academic style
  • The section which defines the concepts/paradigms being used to evaluate the case study


  • Following a discussion of theoretical concepts, there should be a number of paragraphs where this theory is applied to the situation within the case, using it to evaluate actions, responses, behaviour, etc and to draw conclusions about possible reasons, explanations, weaknesses, etc.
  • A section of about a page should summarise the conclusions that have been drawn and make recommendations to improve the situation, basing these on referenced theory.


In-text references should be provided and a full list of references using Harvard format.

  • No cutting and pasting from websites of any kind is permitted,
  • No copying or plagiarism is permitted



Allocation of Marks


Section/element Allocated Marks
Knowledge and understanding 25%
Application of concepts and principles to the task 25%
Critical analysis 25%
Effectiveness of communication 25%


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