Marketing Mix Strategy



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Marketing Mix Strategy
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25 Marketing Mix Strategy: PRODUCT

Using Product marketing mix elements, please provide:

  • brief analysis of the company’s current product strategy for their current market by analysing their:
    • product mix (The Table of their current product Mix)
    • 3 levels of product (please include the diagram)
    • PLC
  • recommendations for the company of what new product strategy that would best serve the new target market and be in harmony with the new positioning strategy developed in A1/2. What should they change in their product elements, so they can attract the new target market? Should they introduce a new product? New sub-brands? Modify their current products? How and why? Your recommendations should be detailed and actionable. Where is their product on the PLC. Explain! Include the picture and include a label with an explanation
  • At least 2 references are needed here