External Analysis
• Customer Analysis
Honey is a product for all irrespective of age, gender, race or religious affiliation. As a natural occurring product, it’s been used in different cultures across the globe and the modern generation focused on health and nutrition understands the numerous uses of honey. The campaign therefore targets the modern day consumer who is self-conscious of the benefits of a healthy living. Families everywhere with children will be the preferred customers because honey has been known to help with preventing things like the colds, coughs and even incidences of cancer. The customers will be the determinants of different aspects of products including the packaging and pricing. Their feedback will be instrumental in determining the way forward for the rooftop honey produce in the market.
Competitor analysis
In the honey’s current market, there exists intense competition from different companies in Australia. Companies like the Cradle Mountain Leatherwood Honey and the Organic Munaka honey are the best sellers in the market. According to the Australian Honey Products online platform, suppliers of raw honey in Australian are numerous and each of these companies prides itself in the production and packaging of raw natural honey. With intensive promotions, these companies have established a high market share which will provide a challenge for the entrants. Advertising in the mainstream media and online platforms is rampant with a handful of these companies having their own websites and running numerous campaigns on social media.
Their promotional tactics include the existing debate on medical benefits of honey and the assurance that they sell 100% natural raw honey. With a mixture of different pricing strategies, their products trade in a range of prices that aren’t so far apart. The market share is limited to localities with each company controlling the bulk of the market where it’s located within the country. However, they are aggressively distributing in different regions as indicated with a multiple of honey products in a single outlet or online selling sites (Belch, 2014).
Environmental analysis
The most favorable aspect of our environment is the political environment in Australia and globally. This being an environmental conservation undertaking, rooftop honey will receive overwhelming support and political backing from the government and other public institutions tasked with the conservation and protection of the environment. Economic and socio-cultural environments also work for this model because it appeals to the people’s desire to better their surroundings and provides them with healthy products. With the changes in technology, it’s possible to breed adoptable bee species that can survive the harsh climate changes in Australia and the rest of the world. In the natural environment sector, rooftop honey is leading in……….

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