Mandziuk, R. M. (2014). Grotesque and Ludicrous, but yet Inspiring”: Depictions of Sojourner Truth and Rhetorics of Domination. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 100 (4): 467-487.

In her article, Mandziuk looks at how the 19th century depictions of Sojourner Truth demonstrate domination rhetorics that focus on hegemonic definitions of gender and race. She provides three main rhetorical topics that were used to control Truth’s threat to the dominant American culture: pastoral, grotesque, and sibyl. According to the author, these descriptions reveal some significant rhetorical strategies used to preserve dominant power and discourage racial and gender equality.

This article will provide useful information for the portfolio assignment. The descriptions given to Sojourner Truth are very important. They help to promote the real understanding of who Truth was.

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