Managing Performance in Operations

You will need to produce a critical reflection of your individual contribution to the whole project. Critical reflection requires you to analyse your individual contribution and also how you operated as a group. Here are a few areas that you may consider. Think not only in terms of what you did, but also why actions were taken, what went well and why, what could have been improved and how, and how you have developed personally over the course of the project and what you would do differently in the future? Again this needs to be underpinned by appropriate theories and models.
For Both Tasks
You should refer to and take into consideration some of the evidence that you have collected in your groupwork on the project such as:
• The feedback from your stakeholders and tutors during the project and at the presentation
• Primary and secondary research that you collected during the project
• The data that you collected in an Activity Log that is common to all your activities (the could be added as an Appendix to your Report).

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