Management Theories

Communicate effectively in all forms of expression to relate facts, simplify complexity, customize, and create persuasive arguments for the target audience to improve organizational function and/or to transform organizational vision for all stakeholders.


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Management Theories
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Demonstrate formal and informal communication using traditional and contemporary modalities to convey messages that are clear and cogent for the target audience, which includes all forms of expression and technology that may be employed to reach the audience.

Make complex ideas or situations clearer, simpler, and/or more understandable (e.g., re-framing the problem, use of analogy); assemble ideas, issues, and observations into a clear and useful explanation; restate existing observations or knowledge in a simpler fashion; translate intricate technical information into terms everyone can understand; “boil down” information.

Apply management theories, approaches, and core functions to routine operations and to current and emerging issues in the health care environment.