Management Strategy


Submit a portfolio that is representative of your best quality work and which shows your ability to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of selected concepts, theories and/or practices of strategy;
  • Analyse and appraise strategies through the application of relevant theory;
  • Gather and organise strategy-relevant information from a variety of academic and practice sources in order to critically evaluate strategy concepts, approaches and/or discourses;
  • Discuss the implications of strategy decisions for individuals, organisations and/or wider society.

Our ambition is to provide you with the scope to follow your interests within the strategy field and to carry out work that inspires you.  There are therefore many ways that you can meet these outcomes – you will have plenty of opportunities to discuss these as the term progresses.


A Portfolio contains a number of component parts, typically pieces of work that address different topics (some suggestions are provided below), or focus on different aspects of a single topic.  Each component should be able to stand alone but you may wish to have them linked together.   You should be able to demonstrate some connection running through the pieces, which could be as much about how they differ as how they may link.  Apart from the initial mandatory section, you decide what to include in the portfolio.

The Portfolio should contain a Minimum of TWO components and a Maximum of THREE.

In addition, it MUST include the mandatory section on Grade Mark Target (see below).  

Some or all of the portfolio may be in different media including sound, video as well as written word (see note later).  Sections of the portfolio do not have to be of equal length.  You can have one long section and two or three short ones, for example.

Length: 3000 words or equivalent excluding the section on ‘grade mark target’ (see below) and the List of References and title page, but including tables and figures.  Further details on word length are given later.


1. Grade Mark Target

In a separate mandatory section of the Portfolio, set the grade mark target that represents the minimum mark you are aiming to get for your portfolio, together with your reasoning for why that is an appropriate goal.  This section should be submitted both with your formative and your summative submissions (and may change from one to the other).

Guide length: up to 500 words.  To be submitted as a separate document or appended to the end of your portfolio.