Making Intuitive Decisions

The intuitive decision-making model has emerged as an alternative to other decision making

processes. This model refers to arriving at decisions without conscious reasoning. A total of 89 percent of

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Making Intuitive Decisions
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managers surveyed admitted to using intuition to make decisions at least sometimes and 59 percent said

they used intuition often. [5] Managers make decisions under challenging circumstances, including time

pressures, constraints, a great deal of uncertainty, changing conditions, and highly visible and high-stakes

outcomes. Thus, it makes sense that they would not have the time to use the rational decision-making

model. Yet when CEOs, financial analysts, and health care workers are asked about the critical decisions

they make, seldom do they attribute success to luck. To an outside observer, it may seem like they are

making guesses as to the course of action to take, but it turns out that experts systematically make

decisions using a different model than was earlier suspected. Research on life-or-death decisions made by

fire chiefs, pilots, and nurses finds that experts do not choose among a list of well thought out alternatives.