What Makes Good Teachers Good? Is there a connection between teacher effectiveness and student achievement?

Research Assignment

You may choose any one of the following topics or propose your own based on your context of
study, i.e. Diploma in Education. Write a proposal of approximately 3000 words and email the
‘Research Proposal’ to your coordinator for approval as soon as you start the final semester of
the course; i.e. within one month from commencement of Semester 3. After approval of your
proposal, you may start working on your research project. Please read and follow the research
guidelines. (Please note that your proposal is almost a preview of your ‘Research Project’ which
should be approximately 10000 – 12000 words)

Suggested topics:

1. What Makes Good Teachers Good? Is there a connection between teacher effectiveness
and student achievement?
2. Qualities of effective teachers.
3. Continuing professional development and teacher effectiveness.
4. Creating an effective learning environment and teacher competency.
5. School administration and curriculum issues.
6. Educational psychology and student achievement.

1. Select any one of the above mentioned topics or any one of your choice related to
Education. Write a proposal and send it for approval. You will need to read at least 15
research materials (articles, journals, books) before you write the research proposal
2. Once approved you may start working on your research project.

i. Title

· A concise statement of the main topic and should identify the variables.
· Should be a reflection of the contents of the document.

· Fully explanatory when standing alone.
· Should not contain redundancies such as ‘a study of…..or ‘an investigation of……
· Abbreviations should not appear in the title
· Should contain 12 to 15 words.

ii. Author’s name and affiliation

 Avoid use of words like ‘By….. ‘from…..
 Preferred order of names- start with 1

, middle followed by last name.
 Full names should be used, initials should be avoided.
 Titles like Dr. should not appear in the names.
 Use the Harvard Referencing system to cite researches and other studies

iii. Abstract- This is a brief statement of the problem, objectives of the study, target population,
sampling technique and sample size, instruments, data collection, data processing and analysis,
key findings and major recommendations.
Should not exceed 400 words for the proposal and approximately 500 words for the final

iv. Table of contents

· The rubric should be in title case and single spaced.
· The chapter titles should be in caps and bold.
· The subheadings should follow each chapter title and should be in title case.
· Subheading of rows should be – Chapters & Pages indicated once at the top of each
column e.g.,


Should include the following;


· Should show the understanding and genesis of the problem.
· Talk about the global perspective followed by the local scenario.
· Talk about the target group in the study.
· Should be approximately 1 page and 2 pages for the final research study.

Statement of the problem – research question/problem

· Must indicate exactly what the problem is.
· Indicate why and how it is a problem. Give information to support this e.g. by use of
statistics or evidence. This should be derived from background information to illustrate
Approximately 250 to 300 words


One general objective which should be in line with the title
Specific objectives- have to be in line with the variables the candidates hypothesize to influence
the phenomenon being investigated. – Should be related to the general objective. – Should not be
questions in the questionnaire.

Research Questions
They should be in line with the specific objectives and equal in number. – Have to be numbered
(1, 2, 3…..) and should be questions and not statements.

Should illustrate why the researcher is conducting the research and whom it shall benefit.

This is a kind of a disclaimer. Should cite the focus of the study either geographical area or target
group/ population.



ü A research hypothesis is a statement of expectation or prediction that will be tested by
ü Before formulating the research hypothesis articles, books and/or cases should be
read. This will help in gaining sufficient information about the topic that will enable
to formulate the research question. The research question, when stated as one
sentence, is the Research Hypothesis.
ü The hypothesis is what is to be proven by the research. It will help to l arrive at a
conclusion, a theory, or understanding that will be useful or applicable beyond the
research itself.
ü Avoid judgmental words in the hypothesis. It should be objective. Therefore the use
of personal opinion is to be avoided.

Write briefly about related researches.



ü Research framework is the design of the research.

ü Represent the research flow diagrammatically/ in the form of a graphic organizer
Research design
Indicate type of research, justify the choice of type of research – What is your research design?
What will happen in your experiment? Where is your study going to take place?

Population; clearly identify the population and the target population. Justify the target

Sampling frame; Justify the choice. Who are your participants going to be? (i.e., What is the
gender, age education, race, etc. of your participants?)

How many participants are you going to have?
How are you going to recruit them?
How are you going to assign them to groups?
How are you going to compensate them?
What criteria will you use for participation in your project?
Sample and sampling technique- illustrate understanding of the technique.

· What apparatus are you going to use?
· What materials are you going to use?
· Are you going to administer any psychological tests? If so, which ones?
· Are there any special supplies you require?
· Do you need an apparatus or device to observe or record behavior?

Data collection procedure – What data will be collected?

· Are there any criteria for inclusion of data?

· How will the data be summarized, that is, what descriptive statistics will you use?
· What inferential statistics will you use?
· What will the significance level be?

Testing is a procedure for finding if a null hypothesis should be accepted or rejected in favor of
an alternative hypothesis. A statistic is to be computed from the findings of secondary research
data and is to be analyzed to determine within a preset acceptance region. If it does then the null
hypothesis is accepted otherwise rejected.

1. State the hypothesis – both the Null and the Alternative hypothesis
2. Set the criterion for a decision
3. Collect secondary data
4. Evaluate the Null hypothesis
· If the data is consistent with the hypothesis then it can be concluded that the
hypothesis is reasonable.
· If there is a big discrepancy between the data and the hypothesis then it can be
concluded that the hypothesis was void/null.


SUMMARY- This is an extended abstract
CONCLUSIONS- Must be derived from the summary
RECOMMENDATIONS- Should come from the conclusions


At the end must have reference of Literature or BIBLIOGRAPHY

Proposal length shall not be below 10 pages double spaced and not above 15 pages. Under
special circumstances a candidate may be allowed to exceed the limit.
Font – Times New Roman 12 should be used. Fancy fonts should be avoided.
There should be a margin of 50mm on the left hand and a 25mm margin on the right hand side of
the paper (A4).


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