Major project proposal Design Management and Cultures

Design Management and Cultures Major project proposal (1500 words)
All candidates will be expected to outline their major project ideas in the application.
It is important to recognise that these ideas will inevitably develop and change during
your study on the course and only serve to inform your application at this stage. You
will have opportunities within the course to revise and submit updated versions of the
Major Project Proposal before you complete the Major Project itself.
The template below provides a structure to develop and identify your Major Project
Proposal and is based on the following considerations:
 What am I investigating
 Why is it important to my studies, professional development and the field of
 Who is the intended audience for my work
 How will the question be answered
Major Project Proposal Template
Project subject area: What is the subject area the project will investigate
Project summary: Briefly describe the project.
Core design management and cultures research question the major project
will investigate (what): What is the design management and cultures question/s to
be investigated by the major project
Personal objectives (why): Why is the project of personal relevance Refer to your
skills/experimental/experiential background and plan for continuing
professional/educational development
Project rationale (why): Why is the project of importance How does the project
extend subject knowledge in the field (what new knowledge will be created).
Project audience (who): Who is the intended audience, who am I communicating
Proposed approaches, methods and methodologies (how): Briefly explain your
proposed approach, demonstrating an awareness of planning, project stages and the
timescales involved. Explain briefly how you propose to conduct the research and
the main research approaches and methods you might use. Indicate any possible
ethical issues involved such as copyright, publication, confidentiality. health and
safety etc.
Possible outcomes or products (how): Indicate the expected or anticipated
outcomes, products your design management and cultures question design might
result in and what resources might be needed to complete the project.
References and bibliography: Indicate the importance of previous related studies
by providing evidence of key texts (theories/approaches/sources) and state their
relevance to the proposed project.

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