Machine Learning Training Tool

You have a option of trying one of the three machine learning. Then you must write a 4-page report [12 point font double-spaced] where you:

• describe your experience using a simple Machine Learning training tool

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Machine Learning Training Tool
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  • provide an example of where machine learning is currently being used in an industry or business
  • extrapolate from your experience and example to envision how machine learning might be used in the future
  • finally, a statement on the potential consequences of machine learning (good or bad) using a

reputable source to support your claim


What is Machine Learning and How do you Think it Will Impact Business?
Machine Learning – an approach to artificial intelligence – is all the craze and it is positioned to (and in
many ways already has) revolutionize business. Machine Learning, at its core, is fairly complex. It is built
on sophisticated algorithms that employ neural networks to ‘learn’ from massively large data sets.
Much speculation abounds that machine learning will impact jobs and that much of the way we do our
work today, will be different in the very near future. It might take longer than enthusiasts predict, but
machine learning is going to change things.
This is an opportunity for you to experiment with machine learning at a simple level. Most machine
learning projects have a high learning curve and require foundational knowledge in math (like regression
and linear algebra), understanding of statistics and probability (did you ever study gradient descent?), and
basic programming (Python, R or just knowing how to build if-then logic statements).

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