“Luke Bryan – That’s My Kind Of Night”

“Luke Bryan – That’s My Kind Of Night”.

Paper details:

write about the first video “Luke Bryan – That’s My Kind Of Night”. the paper should be in criticize the video and how Luke Bryan took advantage of “white privilege”.

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“Luke Bryan – That’s My Kind Of Night”
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Rhetoric Reflective 1

Read the following essay.

Watch the two videos listed below, and choose one to write about.

Once you have picked a video, write 3-4 pages reflecting on the following questions:
•    How is race represented in the video
•    How are elements of black/hip-hop culture represented in the video
•    How does the video visually demonstrate the concepts in the video
•    If you already know the song, does the video surprise you How
•    Who do you think is the primary audience for this video How do you know
•    How do you think other audiences would receive this video
•    Does the video demonstrate white privilege Why or why not
•    Could this song/video be made by an artist of color If so, would anything have to change
•    Do you think that you “see” the video differently now that you have been in class or read the article Why or why not

You do not have to answer every question. This isn’t a Q&A assignment. This is a reflection. If your viewing of the video is taking you in a different direction, then follow it. I am looking for a thoughtful reflection of the intersection between this video (either) and race. You may use as many or as few of these questions as you like to kickstart your reflection.

Do not retell what happened in the video; I have seen them. You are writing to me, and these will not be shared with the class without your permission. Feel free to write honestly. Your position on the video is not important. Your ability to think critically about the messages being portrayed in the video is what is important.

This assignment will be graded based on your ability to demonstrate an evaluation of the text and reflect an introductory ability to use critical thinking.