Love-Why do humans love

Is in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced with 1 inch margins
is not in first person
is at least 1 and half pages single spaced, or 3 pages double spaced
includes a clear 3-point thesis statement as outlined in the essay prompt and PPT
review the feedback from the last assignment about what to do with your thesis
a clear definition or philosophy of the theme you are using
includes at least two quotes from the texts you are writing on with correctly formatted citation
includes at least one quote from one of the required secondary sources with correctly formatted citation
a correctly formatted Works Cited page
includes full sentences
no phrases, single words or fillers
does NOT include full paragraphs but instead includes topic sentences and fully explained supporting details includes a title
these should be broken into subpoints
is not in first person
includes all other requirements as outlined on the Essay Prompt

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Love-Why do humans love
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