Logic and Reasoning Topic Selection

Topic Selection
This week, you will be choosing your topic of interest for the Portfolio Project. You will choose one of four formal fallacies: Affirming the Consequent, Denying the Antecedent, Denying a Conjunct, or Affirming a Disjunct. Review the possible topic list and workplace scenarios for your project provided in Blackboard. If there is a formal fallacy that interests you, but is not on the potential topic list, you may also propose this topic to your instructor.
You will either choose from this list of workplace related scenarios for your fallacy, or you may provide an example of a workplace conversation, communication, or scenario that follows the pattern of the fallacy that you have chosen. You will present that material in its simplest form so that the pattern of the fallacy is clearly evident.
Your fallacy and scenario must be approved by the instructor before beginning research on a non-provided topic. If you do not choose from the list of provided scenarios, you must be sure that you can demonstrate how your choice follows the exact pattern of the fallacy you are going to explore. Once you have selected your topic, please upload it to Blackboard in a Word Document, including the chosen fallacy, the pattern of the fallacy, and a workplace scenario.

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