Lecture room etiquette

There are some basic house rules that are important for you to know, please read these carefully as it is the expected
etiquette for the semester:
Mobile phones are turned off. You will be provided with regular breaks to check mobile messages. Mobile phones
are only allowed to be on if a family member is ill.
Be considerate to your colleagues, and do not chat if they are presenting, asking or answering a question.
Try to come to class on time.
Attend all classes. Remember you chose to study, this is a psychological contract you have made with yourself,
UTS and your instructor.
Do your readings and be prepared to contribute. The more you put in to the class the more you will get out of it.
Sometimes the greatest learning comes from students sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions etc, Indeed, as lecturers
one of the greatest joys we get is learning from you.
Be engaged, not simply just present!

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