Learning More about Action Research

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

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Learning More about Action Research
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Learning more about action research has caused me to reflect on how my classroom can really be a type of laboratory. I have underestimated the potential for action research as a means to improve classroom community and skills practice. It provokes me to think of the many questions that I have and address them in a methodical way.

Drawing from instruction from our first video in this module (ACE 2020, I have understood that the main role of action research is to answer questions in a very specific environment whether it be a classroom or a school. Many times when researching something, one can only find extremely broad topics or studies that were executed under circumstances from one’s own. Action research provides the most tailored information possible since it is data coming straight from your own classroom, or school.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph the main strength of Action Research is that it is laser-focused on the circumstances, participants, and situations at hand. They can give very specific insight to solve very specific problems in a given situation. This being said, they are not typically studies that are extremely beneficial or replicable in another environment. They require a lot of work and don’t necessarily apply to the situations of other people that are desirous to find research to help with their specific problems since there will always be factors that are different and not accounted for.


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