Learning Leadership Teams

● The Building Learning Leadership Team (BLLT) meets once a month. School is

dismissed early and the staff meets to work on Critical Building Issues (CBIs). The CBIs

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Learning Leadership Teams
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must be linked to the School Improvement Plan and focus on student achievement.

● The District Learning Leadership Team (DLLT) also meets once a month. Members on

the DLLT include parents, community leaders, teachers, support staff, a board member,

and administrators. The DLLT starts with a luncheon and meets for an entire afternoon.

One of the agenda topics is a review from each building about how they are progressing

with their CBIs. This important topic assures that each building and the community

leaders know what the other buildings are focusing on. The DLLT uses group processing

techniques to determine Critical District Issues (CDIs), which they research and report

back to the school board in the late spring each year.