Leadership in Health and Social Care

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment and this module, you will have demonstrated your ability to:

1.       Critically appraise you own leadership skills against a defined set of leadership theories and styles.

2.      Critically reflect on specific inter-professional leadership issues detailing, solutions and outcomes.

Summative Assessments [Graded Assessments]

Assessment:Coursework 1: Reflective Account After undertaking a leadership style exercise, students will produce a critical review of their own personal leadership style (strengths and weaknesses). This should reflect the skills and talents identified within the leadership theories discussed in the Module. Students will also suggest possible opportunities for improvement (2,500 words).   Coursework 2: Business Report Identify specific and achievable inter-professional leadership issue. Detail the processes and procedures personally undertaken, solutions offered and outcomes achieved (1,500 words).  

Summative Assessment

Summative assessments are the pieces of coursework that you must complete

Summative assessment in this particular module is 2 pieces of coursework. 

 (Coursework 1 & 2)

Detailed guidance

Coursework 1: Reflective Assessment Within this assignment you will be expected to discuss your own leadership style in respect of your learning through this module.

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