Leadership in Health and Social Care

Leadership In Health And Social Care

Unit Introduction
This unit examines a range of themes affecting how HSC operates today, and in particular the consequences these changes have for leadership. It will also adduce a number of current themes. At least, importantly though, it will develop links between areas we have already considered, as a basis for understanding a coherent version of leadership.  

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes for this unit are to:

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Leadership in Health and Social Care
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1. Review the impact of teamwork/interprofessional working in the context of HSC
2. Reflect critically on changes affecting leadership in Health and Social Care

Leadership Individuals And Teams

Early sections here show links with the previous unit’s content, with its emphasis on individuals, identity, and teams. We advance those arguments in ways that focus ever more on leadership in HSC. 

Activity 7.1

As we begin our focus on HSC, it is worth noting what the chief nursing officer for England (Jane Cummings) said in 2013 about the impact of purpose, leadership and sound teamwork. The video also reminds us that good leadership and teamwork provide a basis for reductions in patient mortality rates. Go to the following website and watch the attached video; it is fairly long and for our purposes the most compelling section is the section from 5-15 minutes

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