LEADERSHIP IN CHILDHOOD PRACTICE – (2000 Words total) (330 Words per point approx.)
Answer the following points detailed below. Key information is highlighted in bold and explained below.
Please included two references for each point in the Harvard style.
For each point always relate back to leadership.
1. Identify and describe three personal qualities needed to be an effective leader in childhood
• Communication, creative & innovative, Delegation & empowerment.
2. Explain how active participation by all involved in service delivery can contribute to flexibility
and positive risk taking in a childcare setting.
• Active participation – What is it?
• Flexibility – For children and their involvement.
• Risk taking – Refer to ‘Risk enablement’
3. Describe and evaluate an approach to anti-discriminatory practice within care services
provision and how this approach can promote meaningful values.
• Make reference to the Health and social care standards for Scotland and the SSSC
codes of practice.
• Anti-discriminatory practice – What is it in relation to working with children?
4. Discuss and evaluate two ways how effective leadership can involve people who use childcare
services to promote person centred care, choice and control, health and wellbeing.
• Person centred care – How to promote Child-Led/focussed care?
• Health and wellbeing – How to promote positive Health and wellbeing?
5. Explain how all levels of leadership within childcare services provision can in fact be
inspirational to colleagues leading to creative or innovative practice.
• All levels of leadership – refer to Management e.g.: head of centres, team leaders etc,
frontline workers e.g.: practitioners and service users e.g.: children and parents.
6. Critically evaluate the role of collaborative working in supporting others and in the development
of organisational culture in a childcare setting.
• Collaborative working – What is it? Who is involved?
Identify and explain one positive and one negative of collaborative working for e.g.: Better
division of workload or greater creative input and conflict in working styles or too many
Possible References:

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