Leadership and Change Management

Leadership and Change Management
Assessment Item – Essay 1,000-1,500 words, 20% of total grade
Construct an argument around the following topic:
While most health service managers use eclectic approaches to exercise leadership, select a leadership
theory that aligns with your personal ideology and explain it using an example to illustrate how you have
made a major decision based on this approach.
Essay marking criteria
Task Grading
Description and definition of the issue
Defines the broad issue of the essay.
Identifies a specific issue.
Clearly explains the argument and principles identified from a literature research review.
Evidence of relevant literature of definitions used appropriately.
Comprehension, analysis and application
Displays comprehensive understanding and relevant theoretical concepts of the topic.
Analysis supported by research.
Demonstrates a theme/argument in a constructive manner.
Evaluates the outcomes of the issue with logical, well-supported explanations.
Structure of argument
Argument developed in a connected, logical way.
Formulates a range of solutions supported from the research literature and evaluates their
Presents a theme/argument in a clear, concise and fluent manner.
Demonstrates paragraph structure as a main idea and subsequent elaboration.
Conclusion draws together the threads of the arguments, themes, and solutions to the
Research and written report
Evidence of wide reading.
Expression is logical, sequential, fluent, and mechanically correct.
Use of correct referencing procedures throughout the essay.
Evidence of correct word count.
Demonstrated well-presented essay.

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Leadership and Change Management
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