Laws Influencing Nursing Practice

Discuss two bills or laws that influence nursing practice, one at the federal level and one at the state level. Provide context for how these bills or laws influence nursing practice within your organization or DPI Project. (210 words)


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Laws Influencing Nursing Practice
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Select one bill from DQ 1 and discuss how it aligns with quality, safety, experience, or financial metrics in your organization. Analyze how the alignment of the bill affects quality of care delivery in your organization. As a doctorally prepared nurse, describe how you can influence change in the bills or laws shared in DQ1 to improve nursing practice. (210 words)

Identify a nurse who serves on a state, regional, or national board, within or outside of health care. Describe the membership and mission/vision of the board. Provide background on the nurse’s preparation and qualifications for sitting on the board. How does this particular nurse holding a seat benefit the board? (210 words)