Law Reports- Business Structure

Assessment You are an Emirati entrepreneur who is willing to do business that is aligned with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Assessment Requirement: 1. Critically appraise the types of companies and explain the provisions that must be observed in each of these types according to the relevant laws and regulations. 2. Critically apply the required procedures for SMEs according to the UAE Commercial Companies Law no 2 of 2015 and other relevant laws in the UAE. 3. Synthesize other methods in case you want to do a partnership with a foreign investor willing to conduct activities in the Abu Dhabi and ensure that the business will be in legal compliance to the industry you will be part of. The size of the report is 2,000 words and must be uploaded on the LMS. Submission Date: July 26st, 2020. Your Terms of Reference: This section outlines some of the key points to consider whilst reviewing and analyzing the research literature to develop your research questions (Guide only): • Demonstrate how your selected business idea is aligned with the Abu Dhabi economic vision 2030. • Investigate possible financial consequences that are related to the selection of your legal business structure. • Assemble from literature the success and failures that were related to the selected business structure from the global context.

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Law Reports- Business Structure
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