Law Case Analysis

For this assignment, you will complete a full APA paper (no abstract) covering contract law case analysis.


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Law Case Analysis
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Complete a case brief on the following case




  • FACTS:  Relevant factual circumstances of the case.
  • ISSUE(S): Legal questions that the court is resolving (Ex: Was the hospital negligent based on duty to treat?)
  • DECISION: Decision of the court on this issue. Answer the issue/question.
  • REASONS: The rationale for the decision of the court. Include the RULE from your analysis plus any facts leading to the conclusion.  USE YOUR LEGAL TERMINOLOGY! (Ex: If found negligent, what are the elements needed to prove negligence?)
  • MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS: Significance of the case to administration
    • How does this case apply to work as a healthcare administrator?
    • How does this case and its outcome apply to work as a manager in a healthcare facility?
    • How would you prevent this from happening in your hospital?