Latin American Politics

  1. Please answer TWO of the following questions. You have until Friday, 11:20pm(tonight) to complete the assignment . It is important to show command of not only the subject but of the readings that informs your analysis/response word count 500 per each answer. YOU HAVE TO USE THE TWO FOLLOWING SOURCES IN ORDER TO ANSWER THE TWO QUESTIONS.

    Latin American Politics (Required)

    Modern Latin America, 9th edition (Required)

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    Latin American Politics
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    1. Explain the causes and consequences of Bureaucratic-Authoritarianism in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Use one of the countries as an example to drill down or elaborate analytically on this type of military regime.
    2. Analyze two examples during the Cold War where the United States influenced political outcomes in Latin America. Be sure to explain the causes and consequences for each.
    3. Regardless of specific case, explain some of the common drivers/causes of successful revolutions in Latin America. It will be useful if you use some of the cases discussed in the course (Mexico, Cuba, and Nicaragua) to highlight those drivers.