Landform Divisions involving the San Andreas fault


You are to write a 5-7 page (typed, double-spaced) research-based paper about any topic of relevance to the course.  Maps, diagrams, etc. are welcome in addition to the five pages of text.

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Landform Divisions involving the San Andreas fault
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Approximate point weighting for final draft:

Your final draft grade will be determined by how well you do the following:

  1. Present a well-structured argument with an introduction, thesis statement, logically-organized body and conclusion;
  2. Write objective prose (avoid speaking as yourself, asserting personal opinions, drawing from your background personal experiences and observations, etc. (Direct observations are only valid if they are made specifically for this assignment.)
  3. Submit a paper that is grammatically correct and free of punctuation and spelling errors;
  4. Draw meaningfully from scholarly geographic sources as well as other sources. You don’t get points for doing this, but you will lose them for not doing so. The bibliography must list the three scholarly sources separately from all other sources. 
  5. Properly cite all sources. (You must use the Chicago Manual of Style author-date system for the in-text citations and bibliography. Consult the “citation style guide” on the Library web page to learn this system.  Or simply copy the style of the Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers.  (Sample on Canvas)

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