l Remit;



Coursework – Essay

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l Remit;
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Write an essay, 6000 words together with diagrams/photographs you wish to use;

Your views on the following topics:

‘‘The essence of Operations Management is the need to make rational decisions in difficult circumstances with limited, imp effect information.”

“Operations Management is dominated by the implications of the Capacity Planning function.”
”Over the next five years the internet will have an increasing effect on both Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource ‘ Planning and hence on the role of the Operations Manager.”

•    Give consideration towards the impact upon the individual l in the working environment
as well as the end-user consumer of the manufactured product or service.

•    Within your synopsis provide particular reference to the information flows expected within and between MRP, CRP, MRPlI and   ERP systems  within  a typical global manufacturing system.

You are encouraged and expected to research and provide case-study material to support your discussion.
Submission of report must be within an appropriate bound folder in a ‘report to management format’. Sources of material must be appropriately referenced.