Students pick a favorite style or genre of music and post it in the course dropbox labeled ‘Midterm Paper’ in D2L. Dr. Jones will add a ‘World Music’ genre of his choice to each student’s dropbox submission. The student will then research both the genre he/she submitted and the one that Dr. Jones chose. One source students MUST use and MUST cite parenthetically is the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music (available in Reference section of the Jim Dan Hill Library as well as an electronic version on the Library’s website). Students should introduce the two musical genres and then compare and contrast several of the musical characteristics of them.
Paper Requirements:

Paper must be approximately 2 pages long

Use Times New Roman – 12 point font – double spaced

Go to the Writing Center and have them proof the paper (tell them it is for this class and to notify me)

Cite Garland Encyclopedia of World Music parenthetically in paper

e.g. blah blah blah blah blah (Garland, v. 3, pg. 46).

(v. = Volume; pg. = page)

Select at least 3 of the following characteristics to compare/contrast:

Purpose of Music – What and Who is it for?


Connection with Dance

Musical Form

Musical Texture

Melodic Characteristics

Rhythmic Characteristics

Use of Meter

Use of Harmony

Instruments or Families of Instruments

Vocal Timbre/Approach to Singing

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