Kindly Respond


Whenever I express that I am stressed or upset to my siblings, I notice that my sister is more likely to comfort me than my brother. Since my sister is very empathetic towards people’s struggles, it makes sense that she would react in this manner. On the other hand, my brother does not express his feelings and seems to have difficulty understanding other people’s emotions. Situations like these tend to cause him discomfort. His reaction towards people’s emotions is often indifferent and he seems unsure of what to do or how to comfort individuals. Based on societal standards, this is considered typical of how men and women communicate their responses. Overall, “…women express empathy, sympathy, and supportiveness more than men” (DeVito 2020). Of course, this does not necessarily apply to every individual since it is a generalization. However, my siblings fit the common behavior of each gender.

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Kindly Respond
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When I want to tell my husband about the events of the day to vent to him he dents to tell me how I should have handled the situation. This is very annoying at times because I do not want him to tell me how I should have handled something, I just want to vent about it and I’d like him to agree with me that he can see how frustrating the situation is.

Discuss the conversation you engaged in with the friend or loved one and analyze how that conversation illustrates the differences in communication styles between men and women.

As a woman, I am looking for empathy in this conversation and as a man, he is looking to fix the problem and be done with it.

According to the London Image Institute, “Men focus on fact-based conversations that can end abruptly, while women tend toward extended conversations about complex, often emotional topics” (2019, para. 4)