Kids’ Products

Kids’ products, including those in Toys, Electronics and Entertainment, account for a significant number

of sales during the Holiday season. In fact, CEO Brian Cornell highlighted Kids as one of four signature

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Kids’ Products
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categories that Target will “be famous for.” Why? Kids play a major role in what parents buy, and

where they buy it. 84% of parents say their kids help decide where they shop. That’s influence.

Clearly, winning with Kids’ categories is critical to Target’s overall success, not just for the Holiday

season, but for the entire year.


The History of Target. Minneapolis-based Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) is a publicly-owned Fortune 40 company that

currently serves guests across the U.S. as well as at Target had $72.6 billion in annual sales

in 2014.


The first Target store opened in 1962 in the Minneapolis suburb of Roseville with a focus on convenient

shopping at competitive discount prices. Target currently is the second largest general merchandise

retailer in America, with consistently ranked as one of the most-visited retail websites. The

company continues to deliver on its brand promise of “Expect More. Pay Less.”