Juvenile Justice System in America

Juvenile Justice Final Writing Prompt
In 2016, the state of California determined that a judge can charge juveniles as adults for certain violent crimes. The judge must consider multiple criteria, including the seriousness of the crime and its impact on the victim or the victim’s family, the suspect’s criminal history, and the suspect’s past attempts at rehabilitation. This is a compromise between charging all juveniles who commit these violent crimes as adults and never charging juveniles as adults regardless of the type of crime they commit.

Considering all the arguments that you have read and discussed during this module, write a thoughtful and well-documented open letter to be published on a Web site for those interested in the issue of juvenile crime, particularly state policymakers. In your open letter, explain your viewpoint about sentencing juveniles who commit serious crimes and provide evidence that supports your position. Respond to the arguments of those who have different perspectives. Be sure to respond to all the different major arguments that you have read. Make clear whose ideas or words you are using by including author names and titles, but an open letter does not require in-text citations (page numbers) or a reference list.

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Juvenile Justice System in America
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