Justice and Knowledge

Justice. Justice, a principle and moral obligation to act on the basis of equality and equity, is a standard linked to fairness for all in society. “Justice requires that vulnerable groups receive special attention” (ANA, 2015a, p. 48)

Knowledge. A characteristic of nursing competency that encompasses thinking, understanding of science and humanities, professional standards of practice, and insights gained from practical experiences, personal capabilities, and leadership performance.

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Justice and Knowledge
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Liaison. A person whose function it is to maintain communication between or among individuals and an organization, parts of an organization, or between two or more organizations acting together for a common purpose.

Licensure: in general, licenses are awarded by governmental bodies and certifications by non-governmental bodies.

Mentoring. Power-free, often long-term, relationship using skills similar to coaching with the goal of professional development. Advice may be more directive and always confidential.