Job Satisfaction Formula

Unit V Essay


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 Job Satisfaction Formula
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Think of the best job and the worst job that you have experienced in your professional career. These can be two jobs within the same organization or two completely different jobs.

With each job, complete the  Job Satisfaction Formula Activity .

PDF version of the Job Satisfaction Formula Activity

Complete the formula for each job (best job and worst job), and then construct a two-page essay addressing the questions below.

  • Describe each job, and compare your score for each job. Why did each job receive the score that it did?
  • For each job, what organizational factors impacted your scores? How did these organizational factors shape your attitude in each job?
  • How would you describe your job performance for each job?
  • How did team factors, such as cultural and generational differences, play a role in the scoring of each job? How did these differences impact your job performance with each job?
  • What would you change in the workplace of your bad job in order to improve your job satisfaction score? How would this improve your attitude and the morale in the workplace?

Please include in-text citations within your essay and a references page at the end, both of which should be formatted according to APA Style.