Job Design, Job Enlargement, and Empowerment

one of the reasons for job dissatisfaction is the job itself. Ensuring our

skills set and what we enjoy doing matches with the job is important. Some companies will use a change

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Job Design, Job Enlargement, and Empowerment
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in job design, enlarge the job or empower employees to motivate them.

Job enrichment means to enhance a job by adding more meaningful tasks to make our work more

rewarding. For example, if we as retail salespersons are good at creating eye-catching displays, allowing us

to practice these skills and assignment of tasks around this could be considered job enrichment. Job

enrichment can fulfill our higher level of human needs while creating job satisfaction at the same time. In

fact, research in this area by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham [4] found that we, as employees, need the

following to achieve job satisfaction:


• Skill variety, or many different activities as part of the job

• Task identity, or being able to complete one task from beginning to end

• Task significance, or the degree to which the job has impact on others, internally or externally

• Autonomy, or freedom to make decisions within the job

• Feedback, or clear information about performance