Jet Momentum

AE 341: Fluid Mechanics Lab

Homework Questions: Jet Momentum
(Due with Lab Report)

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Jet Momentum
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Question 1. In class, it is stated that the theoretical prediction of the Force for the 180° deflector is

What assumption that we have to make to arrive at this expression?



Question 2. Suppose the jet of water is inclined 10° from vertical. For the 180° deflector, (a) What effect would this have on the measured force (give the percent increase or increase). (b) How would this affect the slope of the data plot? (c) How would this affect the bias?


Question 3. If the jockey weight is not correctly zeroed, what would you expect the bias to be? Discuss.


Question 4. Explain at least one additional reason for observed slope or bias error.


Question 5. If your scatter was not within experimental error, give a probable cause.