James Braddock and The Great Depression

James Braddock and The Great Depression

This is a research paper about James Braddock and the Great depression era. For the research paper, you should investigate about Braddock’s life especially as a boxer and include something about life during the great depression. Please include 5 Professional REFERENCES, and used in cite citations for all 5 all of them. The instructor wants this paper to be a total of a 900 Word Paper. These excludes the title, my name, and the citations or any footnotes.

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James Braddock and The Great Depression
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This paper has to be written in Chicago Style Format, as well as the citations/ and in cite citations. Please use the latest Chicago style format. I already got started with it, if you want to switch some of my words to something you think is better go ahead. Or if you don’t want to used what i already begin that is also fine. please please see attach files. Please used 5 different resources.


This research needs to be written as a 900 word paper (this EXCLUDES title, your name, footnotes, sources, etc. – must be 900 words of research text) that gives insight on the event, person, and time period on which your media is based. Your research should describe what happened, indicate some of the famous persons involved in the event, as well as the strategies and goals (if appropriate) that were sought to be achieved and whether they were achieved or not. You can include any controversies, historical inaccuracies, or conflicting viewpoints that you may stumble upon.

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