Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.

“Items” are the different statements which people endorse if it applies to them. For example, a respondent might endorse the item “I have chest pains several times a week” and that would indicate that they have some concern with bodily functions. If they endorse enough of those items, it would register on the Hypochondriasis scale

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Step 1. Choose a fictional character from media — that is, a character from the movies, tv, video games, books, plays, etc.
Step 2. Let us know where you think they are on each of the ten scales — low, medium, or high. Using 2-3 sentences per scale, let us know why.

For example, I could choose the character of Iron Man. For the scale of Social introversion I could write:
“Low — Iron Man is frequently talking to others around him, from friends to strangers. He often refuses to talk about emotions, but he seems to love talking to and being around other people. Much of his actions seem to involve drawing attention to himself, such as the press conference where he announces his identity to the entire world.”

(That answer would be good and graded as a B. A-level answers would be more detailed, including possible references to the text and/or lecture.)

Required length: 2-3 sentences per scale = 20-30 sentences total.

Please make sure you have knowledge of Abnormal Psychology! !!!!