Issues Of The 21st Century Blog Entry


Answering the questions for this assignment will give you a sense of what you plan to argue in your argument blog and also assure that your claim is arguable.Topic should be a(n) issue of the 21st Century and your using the issue(s) you choose and simply answering the questions. This is the brainstorming part.

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Issues Of The 21st Century Blog Entry
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Answer the following questions about your prospective argument blog entry. Make sure you give as much detail as possible.

1. What is the topic or topics of your argument blog? The theme of the blog is Issues of the 21st Century, so make sure you will be discussing something relevant to today.

2. What claim are you making? Try to write it in the form of a thesis statement.

3. Give 2-3 reasons for your claim and also provide the counterclaim/rebuttal for each claim.

4. Give the author and title of at least one secondary source you will be using for your argument and explain how it will be used.


As long as you answer each of the questions with as much detail as possible, you will have no problem on this assignment.

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