Islahat Ferman? 1856

Primary Source Analysis One

Section one: What is a primary source?

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Islahat Ferman? 1856
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As historians, we write histories of events, places, and people using two types of source: Primary and secondary. A primary source is considered to be an immediate, first-hand description, testimonies, evidence, or assessment on a specific topic, from individuals who had a direct connection to the event, item or place relevant to the content of the source. A primary source can include: Photographs, maps, legal or government texts, contracts and agreements, newspapers, statistical reports, speeches, diaries, letters, and interviews. They can also include census records and data, as well as economic reports.

Section two: Purpose

The purpose of the primary source assignment is to train you to engage with the ‘raw sources’ of history. You will engage with material from various locations and time periods that require you to approach them from a historical perspective. You will use these primary sources to contextualize and historicize their content and position them within their respective moment of history.

Section three: Instructions

Open the enclosed Primary Sources attached to this assignment
Examine the sources in the file and select one source that piques your interests
Read or examine the source you selected
Consider the period of time it was created, the location it was written in or about, and the parties and individuals it concerns
Analyze the source and answer the following questions
Answer the below questions in a paragraph:
What is this source?
Who authored this source?
When was it written?
What time period does it reflect?
What geographies does it comment on or impact?
What is the significance of the source?
Section four:

Requirements Before you submit your assignment, make sure that it meets the following check-list:

Did you select only ONE Source?
Did you make sure your answer is a direct reflection of the source and does not include additional sources?
Did you answer all of the questions in Section Three?
Is your response presented in a cohesive and concise paragraph?
Did you use your own words and ensure that you did not plagiarize?
Did you edit your paragraph?
Did you consult the Primary Source Rubric.pdf ?

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