IoT Sensor

What is sensor?

Sensors are devices, which help in interacting with the physical environment.

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IoT Sensor
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The data collected by the sensors must be stored and processed intelligently in order to derive useful inferences from it.

Note that we broadly define the term sensor; a cell phone or even a microwave oven can count as a sensor if it provides inputs about its current state (internal state + environment).


What is IoT Sensor?

Sensor Is an essential components of IoT smart objects.

In general, a sensor is a device that measures physical input from its environment and converts it into data that can be interpreted by either a human or a machine.

Sensors enable the Internet of Things (IoT) by collecting the data for smarter decisions.

Therefore, IoT sensor data is the data collected by devices found on the Internet of Things (IoT).

These devices can be anything are used to sense Light, Sound, Heat , Pressure, Images etc.