IoT security

IoT devices have been very vulnerable to cyber attacks. This problem isn’t going to just go away because, unfortunately, it stems from some inherent issues with IoT devices.

IoT devices often have a limited power supply and need to last for years in the field on a single charge.

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IoT security
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As a result, they need to transmit and receive data with little power.

Adding encryption, authentication, and security protocols can significantly increase the power consumption of basic transmissions, so many IoT devices don’t have these capabilities.

IoT devices may rely on the end users’ network infrastructure (such as WiFi), and you have a perfect storm.

The device becomes increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can be used to access other devices and applications on the network.

The solution

Thankfully, low-power connectivity solutions continue to implement new security technologies, this is an area where cellular IoT is particularly valuable.

Providers help close security gaps with virtual private network (VPN) capabilities and greater control over your devices’ communications.