IoT Retail Shops

If you haven’t already seen the video of Amazon, Go – the concept store from the eCommerce giant, you should check it out right away. Perhaps this is the best use of the technology in bridging the gap between an online store and a retail store.

The retail store allows you to go cashless by deducting money from your Amazon wallet.

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IoT Retail Shops
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It also adds items to your cart in real-time when you pick products from the shelves.

If you change your mind and pick up another article, the previous one gets deleted and replaces your cart with the new item.

The best part of the concept store is that there is no cashier to bill your products.

You don’t have to stand in line but just step out after you pick up your products from shelves. If this technology is effective enough to fetch more patronage, this is sure to become a norm in the coming years.