IoT Hardware

1. IoT implementations use different technical communications models, each with its own characteristics. common communications models described by the Internet Architecture Board include: (which of the following is wrong) …….

a. Device-to-Internet

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IoT Hardware
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b. Device-to-Cloud

c. Device-to-Gateway

d. Back-End Data-Sharing


2. Three major challenges facing IoT are: (which of the following is Correct) ….

a. Internet, Business and Security

b. Technology, Cost and Skill

c. Technology, Business and Society

d. Skill, Business and Security


3. IoT hardware may be contained: (which of the following is wrong) …….

a. Cloud 

b. Raspberry Pi

c. Sensor

d. Gateway


4. The more important shift in IoT security will come from the fact: (which of the following is wrong) …….

a. That IoT will become more ingrained in our lives.

b. That IoT will become more embedded in our educations,

c. Concerns will no longer be limited to the protection of sensitive information and assets.

d. Our very lives and health can become the target of IoT hack attacks,