investment report about a start-up company

Students need to conduct research and write an investment report about a start-up company using
concepts learned in the course. The main purpose of the report is to give investment advice to a potential
investor who is considering to invest in the chosen start-up company.
Students should choose a (non-acquired) startup from the following list by Week 3:
The report needs to show a good understanding of the company and include the following:
1. Title of the report
2. Executive Summary/Abstract (<400 words)
3. Introduction: Company Vision, the problem that the company addresses and their solution
4. Consumer:
a. Who is the target customer/user?
b. What is the potential market (i.e. demand) for the product?
c. Traction –are consumers showing interest, what are the methods for customer acquisition?
5. Company
a. Who are the founders & key personnel?
b. Is the company managed well? Can they hire good people?
c. Who owns (how much of) the company?
6. Competition
a. Market Structure –existing and potential competition, macro trends, regulatory environment.
b. Business model & pricing– how does the company make money?
7. Company Valuation and Investment Advice – Should we invest? If yes, what should be our offer?
8. Summary/Conclusion – Main takeaways
Additionally, the report needs to:
– present quantitative data, back its arguments by evidence from sources
– use the Harvard referencing style and provide a full list of references
– have a maximum 4000 words (excluding abstract)
– use correct spelling and grammar
– adhere with rules of academic honesty

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