Investigating Enzyme reaction rates

Investigating Enzyme reaction rates with quantitative methods, using readily available enzymes and reagents, under various conditions and mathematical models.

The topic is the broader scope of the assignment. Have a look at the provided documentation.

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Investigating Enzyme reaction rates
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The aim of the writer is to provide 2 chapters in the research paper.

The literature review on the state of the art in enzyme production or usage, both can be discussed or even other relevant topics. this needs to be 3000 words with about 20 references using Harvard style.

A sustainably report on enzyme production and usage, have a look at the documentation for ideas on topics. This needs to be 2500 words with about 10 references, References can be shared between chapters if relevant.

Tables and charts and such can be used with proper referencing, the goal of this is of course a good piece of writing but also to make it look long.

Don’t worry about the proper formatting at this can be edited easily afterwards during integration but the formatting guidelines are in the documentation.

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