Introduction to Management

Introduction to ManagementAssignment Scope

Introduction of Company

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Introduction to Management
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External Environment Analysis
– Identify any opportunity and/ or threat factor(s)

• IssueAnalysis

– Based on your earlier derived opportunity and/ or threat factor(s), What is the main issue/ concern here for you to work on.

• Recommendation&Conclusion

– Based on the issues/ concerns you have identified, provide strategic recommendations (solutions or action plans) which you believed can help the chose company to stay on course, remain focus and/or company expansion.

Scope – Introduction

• Introduction

– Purpose of this report

– Description of the company • Who they are?

– The nature of its business • What they do?

– Company focuses
• Where they hope to achieve and to be?

– Any other relevant facts

Scope – External Environment • External Environment Analysis

– PESTLE (Macro-environment/ General environment)

– Porter’s 5 Forces (Micro-environment/ Industry environment)

Scope – External Environment • External Environment Analysis

– External environment analysis is focuses on factors outside the chosen company (not on company), the trend of these factors, their forecast implication and their impact on the company as Opportunity or Threat

– and thus, these become the issues which you might like to solve or take advantage of.

– Note that the trend and forecast requires some research evidence to support (particularly the factors and trend which you may have indicated).

Scope – External Environment • External Environment Analysis

– For example, Average spending power of Singapore consumers has been on the rise by 3-5% year-on-year since 2012 (Source of idea).

– It was also reported that the economy of Singapore will continue to maintain between 1-3% in the next 3 years and inflation rate will be kept constant through numerous intervention by the government (Source of idea).

– Based on the past and future outlook of Singapore, it is reasonable to predict that business in F&B will continue to grow without much significant decline as consumers spending power remains strong.

– As such, this remains an opportunity for XXX company to stay focus in their business and expand their operations by increasing their number of outlets in Singapore.