Introduction To Health Care

The following questions are from Chapters 9, 12 and 14. Please answer in full sentences.

1. Explain how the fee-for-service practice of medicine led to uncontrolled utilization

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Introduction To Health Care
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2. How do MCOs achieve cost-efficiencies by integrating the quad functions, risk sharing with providers, and

care coordination? What are some of the inefficiencies created by managed care?



3. What is a HMO? How does it differ from a PPO?

4. What are the four main types of access (described in CH 12 by Andersen)?

5. Why should the US control the rising costs of health care? And why, under imperfect market conditions,

both prices and quantity of health care are higher than they would be in a highly competitive market?

6. Explain the eight main forces that will determine future change in health care.

7. What are the main challenges faced by long term care in the future?

8. What recommendations have been made to transform the nursing profession?

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