Self-Reflection is an important part of CYC Practice. Our ability to engage in honest self- reflection often determines how well we perform in professional settings, how well we engage with colleagues, how well we relate to and work with clients, and how well we are able to engage in self-care when we need it. It is a crucial skill that we need to practice as professionals in order to be able to be honest with ourselves and with others. This assignment will allow you reflect on your practice while integrating knowledge about the Ontario Association for Child and Youth Care’s (OACYC) Code of Ethics (posted on BB). The Standards of Practice outlined in the Code of Ethics comprise one of the most important frameworks for ethical practice that should guide your work with clients on a daily basis. Your ability to understand the ethical guidelines and apply them to your work are crucial to your clients’ well-being and to your success as a professional in the field. Format:

• Answer the questions below using full sentences, in an essay style submission (i.e., not question/answer format)

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• Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout your paper

• 5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced (not including the title page)

• Title page using APA format

• Reference page not required

• Elements of writing: Up to 5 marks will be deducted for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, diction, etc. Please ensure you proofread and edit your paper before submission.

• Assignment must be submitted in PDF or Word format Due:

• by 11:59pm on Monday, May 31, 2021 (Week 4) • Assignment must be submitted via the Blackboard drop-box • Reminder: it is your responsibility to ensure the assignment has been submitted

correctly – you will receive confirmation if the assignment has been successfully submitted on BB



QUESTIONS: There are five parts/sections in the OACYC Code of Ethics (posted on BB). For each of the five (5) parts/sections listed below, answer the following questions in an essay style format:

I. Responsibility for self II. Responsibility to children, youth and families III. Responsibility to the employer and/or employing organization IV. Responsibility to the profession V. Responsibility to the community

1. Explain the section/part – what do the different subsections outlined in that part

describe? What do you think they mean? (4 marks)

2. Which subsection in this part do you think is the most important for CYC professional practice? Why? (2 marks)

3. Which subsection in this part do you think may be the hardest for you to

achieve/practice? Why? (2 marks)

4. Select one subsection in this part that you can provide a specific example of what it may look like in client/professional work. How would you achieve it? How would you know you are ‘doing’ it? (2 marks)

5. While you may not have worked in the CYC field before, many of you have likely

already applied elements of the CYC Code of Ethics in your life/work experiences. Provide one detailed example of how you have had to apply one subsection in this part in your work or in your life previously. Be clear and state specifically how you have applied it, and why it was applicable. (2 marks)

***Remember to answer all 5 questions for each of the 5 sections/parts of the Code of Ethics (Parts I, II, III, IV, V)***

Total Possible Points: 60 marks (12 marks x 5 sections/parts) Weighted Value: 30%

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